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Dave Feldman discusses the 3 common challenges facing social entrepreneurs and community leaders troubled with the world they are leaving to their kids.

Livability Project is a consulting firm with a mission to “build livable communities based on the understanding that the environment, economy and community are all interconnected.”

Livability Project empowers communities to address environmental challenges by tapping into their unique assets. We provide the tools and guidance needed for local business, government and community leaders to accelerate the adoption of sustainable living practices. Using our methodology, the Livability Project Framework ™, we help fledging organizations raise capital, build organizational structures, and provide marketing and outreach to implement green initiatives.

Let us help you transform your community into a more livable place.
ANNOUNCEMENTS: Livability Project has received Bronze Certification from Green America. Click here to find out what this certification means.


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The Livability Project team offers customized consulting engagements for governments, businesses or community groups.

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In a half-day, full day or two-day seminar, the Livability Project team offers best practices and coaching for people and organizations.

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Speaking Engagements

Speaking Engagements
Speaking Engagements by CEO, Dave Feldman, are offered for those clients who are want to start or get involved in a “greening” initiative...

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“Bethesda Green started with a powerful idea about creating a living model of sustainability, but we needed Dave Feldman (Livability Project’s CEO) leadership to help convert that idea into reality...”
Seth Goldman, TeaEO, Honest Tea

The Livability Project team can by contacted by email at