We are excited to launch a 3-day intensive workshop in June called Growing Livable Communities to share our lessons learned and help you fast-track and sustain your projects. Fast-track your initiative, Now! June 27 – 29, 2014.


The Livability Project team offers options from a 1/2-day to three-day workshop series. In a half day, full day or two-day seminar, the team offers best practices and coaching for people and organizations who want to develop their own green initiative(s), but who may just need guidance on one or two topics in the Livability Project Framework ™.


The upcoming three-day workshop will be an intensive and informative event covering a broad spectrum of relevant material. Participants will ultimately learn how to start, launch and grow a Sustainability Hub in their community


The Growing Livable Communities Workshop is our flagship offering that is applicable to a diverse range of social entrepreneurs and community leaders.


A Livability Project workshop can be a more cost-effective solution for those who either need to be trained instead of one-on-one consulting, or who need facilitation as part of their consultation.


The Livability Project team can by contacted by email at


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