Bethesda Green

Located in Bethesda, MD, Bethesda Green brings business, government and community together through programs and services to promote a healthy economy and sustainable living practices in order to reduce the community’s collective impact on the environment. They fulfill their mission through three primary strategies to Incubate, Educate and Initiate.




Share Exchange

Located in Santa Rosa California, the ShareExchange is a vibrant community-owned business where people come to experience the cutting edge of local culture, cooperation and economic revitalization.  The ShareExchange is home to a range of activities including and entrepreneurial innovation space for co-working, a Made Local Market Place where everything is made in Sonoma County and after hours lounge where people gather for classes, workshops, movies, music and other fun social and educational events.


Annapolis Green

Located in Annapolis, MD, Annapolis Green provides its City with: Unbiased information about local environmental issues; Knowledge on how to live, work and play on the Bay in an earth-friendly manner; Promotion of buying local and eating organically; Support for volunteering with environmental organizations; and Calls-to-action toward elected officials, so they know how their stakeholders feel about local environmental issues.


Poolesville Green

Located in Poolesville, MD, Poolesville Green promotes the appreciation, conservation and sustainable use of natural resources, chiefly energy and water, in and around the town of Poolesville Maryland, including Dickerson, Barnesville, Boyds and Darnestown. Through their work, they hope to build on what’s best about their “small town communities”.



Previous Livability Project Initiatives


Pacific Gardens

Located in Pacifica, CA, Pacific Gardens now independently operates on a 30,000 sq. ft. urban agricultural initiative including biointensive food gardens, a permaculture food forest, native plants, culinary and medicinal herbs, large-scale composting, elementary school field trips, a youth community service program, adult composting workshops, and a food donation program.


GoLocal Cooperative 

Located in Santa Rosa, CA, The Sonoma County GoLocal Cooperative now independently operates as a network of locally-owned businesses, residents, non-profit organizations, and government agencies working together to build a resilient, thriving, local economy by supporting local, independently owned businesses and encouraging sustainable practices.


Downward Dog Wellness Center and Green Retail Store 

Located and thriving in downtown Pacifica, CA, it now operates as Ocean Yoga.





EcoDiesel Biodiesel Cooperative 

EcoDiesel was a biodiesel cooperative that helped run cars in Northern CA on vegetable oil. This was Kelley Rajala’s first cooperative venture.  It, unfortunately, is no longer in operation.

“Livability Project…gives us unbiased assessments of our strategic and tactical plans. They are helping us to be sustainable in the non-profit community so that we can continue to move forward with education and acceleration of “make-a-difference” actions…” Elvia Thompson, Co-Founder, Annapolis Green


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