“Bethesda Green started with a powerful idea about creating a living model of sustainability, but we needed Dave Feldman’s leadership to help convert the idea into reality. He helped convert the interest and energy among Bethesda residents into an exciting initiative that includes streetside recycling, community events, and an alternative fuel program.”


- Seth Goldman, TeaEO, Honest Tea

“Businesses and elected officials came together in 2007 to develop an initiative that would make Bethesda, Maryland a leading-edge example of smart environmental practices. Dave Feldman/The Livability Project won the contract to coordinate the project. Dave has done a superb job realizing our vision, bringing together a very diverse coalition of stakeholders to promote recycling, renewable energy, conservation, public education and other community goals. He has juggled multiple responsibilities, raised a substantial amount of outside funds and stimulated and sustained growing public enthusiasm for the project. I am very impressed with his creativity and project management skills.”


- George Leventhal, County Council Member, Montgomery County, Maryland


“As a member of the team…that invited The Livability Project to respond to our community’s desire to build a greener community, I’ve seen first-hand Dave Feldman’s gift of bringing together a diverse group of citizens and creating a community based movement that really affects change.”


- Elizabeth LeVaca, Director of Corporate Communications, Calvert Group


“Annapolis Green faced the question of how to make our efforts sustainable. That’s when Livability Project stepped in to help us articulate our vision and help take Annapolis Green to the next level. The Project, in the persons of Dave Feldman and Heather Gwaltney, have been instrumental in keeping us focused through systematic discussions, reviews and yes, nudging. Livability Project is the ideal “third eye” to give us unbiased assessments of our strategic and tactical plans. They are helping us to be sustainable in the non-profit community so that we can continue to move forward with education and acceleration of “make-a-difference” actions. We raise our glasses in a grateful, hearty toast to Livability Project!”


- Elvia Thompson, Co-Founder, Annapolis Green


“Dave Feldman’s thoughtful, articulate, and broad-thinking strategic advice was critical to the successful formation of our non-profit organization.  We have benefited greatly from his wealth of experience and knowledge in designing sustainability programs.”


- Tim Whitehouse, Executive Director, Poolesville Green


“Many people talk about “going green,” but the Livability Project delivers real, measurable results through an approach that engages all of the community stakeholders – business, government, and private citizens. Their inclusive style is sensitive to the needs of all and based on what really works.”


- Peter Ensign, Executive Director, DC Greenworks, Past Bethesda Green Board Member



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