Livability Project provides services for local businesses, governments, and community leaders who are building more livable, economically viable and sustainable communities.The Livability Project team has decades of experience in program development and implementation. The founders have offices in both Montgomery County, Maryland and Sonoma County, California. The bi-coastal team leverages the best of both regions – Northern California as a leader in developing and enacting sustainable projects and Washington DC as the international city and policy capital of the world.



Livability Project uses a methodology, called the Livability Project FrameworkTM to help expand economic opportunities and develop local, green initiatives.  The Framework is comprised of practices and tools to help communities achieve these types of initiatives.


The Livability Project team unites leaders from major stakeholder groups including business government, academia, community groups and neighborhoods. CEO, Dave Feldman, joined by Co-founder, Kelley Rajala and team promote and implement a broad range of projects on the east and west coasts, from setting up green business incubators to building local food networks.


History and Milestones


“Dave has done a superb job realizing our vision…I am very impressed with his creativity and project management skills.”

George Leventhal, County Council Member, Montgomery County, Maryland

The Livability Project team can by contacted by email at info@livabilityproject.com.


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